Kaweco Pocket Fountain Pens

Kaweco has been making fine writing instruments since 1883 and is best known for their pocket pens.  Pocket pens have become part of the every day carry (EDC) culture and are small and light enough to carry in your pocket for quick access. When capped the Kaweco Sport and AL Sport pens are 4 1/4 inches long-but when uncapped and posted they measure 5 inches, which make them very comfortable in your hand. Kaweco has done a great job of manufacturing a whole line-up of pocket pens using a variety of different materials and at various price points. Many users who are just getting into fountain pens often will start with a Kaweco Sport (ABS Plastic) which comes in a wide array of colors with a great steel nib selection from Extra Fine (EF) to Double Broad (BB), for a great writing experience. If you are looking for something more substantial Kaweco has manufactured

Kaweco AL Sport Blue Stonewashed (Fine Nib)

Kaweco AL Sport Blue Stonewashed shipped with one blue cartridges shipped in the classic Kaweco Tin- great gift item!


pocket pens made out of Aluminum, Brass and Steel which have a little more weight and a great feel.  One of my favorite Kaweco pens is the Aluminum Stonewashed model which has that great wear and tear look already prepared for you. If you are looking for a great EDC fountain pen at a modest price then come into The PenThing and try one out. The PenThing has a great selection of Kaweco fountain pens in a variety of models and colors. So come in and check the pens, ink, and paper out!

Kaweco AL Sport & AL Stonewashed fountain pen
Kaweco AL Sport & AL Stonewashed fountain pen

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