LAMY AL-STAR Vibrant Pink

Lamy Vibrant Pink Ink Bottle

Lamy Vibrant Pink 50 ml Ink Bottle with blotter paper- includes S/H in CONTUS


Lamy AL -Star Vibrant Pink

Lamy AL -Star Vibrant Pink choose your nib size Fine or Medium and S/H in CONTUS


This is the LAMY you have been waiting for, the LAMY AL-STAR Vibrant Pink, this year’s Limited Edition AL-STAR. You have to come into The PenThing to see this fountain pen first hand. It is a very vibrant pink which I’m sure you will find to be exquisite! Couple the LAMY AL-STAR Vibrant Pink with the newly released LAMY Vibrant Pi

LAMY Vibrant Pink Ink Cartridges

LAMY T10 LAMY Vibrant Pink Ink Cartridges cartridges to match the LAMY AL-Star Vibrant Pink Limited Edition Pen includes S/H in CONTUS


nk ink for a winning combination. Stop in next week when it should be delivered to the PenThing. Since this is a Limited Edition Fountain Pen and quantities are limited, please feel free to email me to hold your LAMY AL-STAR Vibrant Pink fountain pen and ink.Lamy_099_Al_Star_vibrant-pink_Fountain_pen_165mm_web_engvibrantpinkink

One thought on “LAMY AL-STAR Vibrant Pink

  1. I just into my new Larmie all star vibrant pink fountain pen and use the vibrant Lamy vibrant pink ink, the nib had s bit of feed back for me and this is my first time to experience this with a Lamy nib, the ink was ok. I believe with a wetter nib or a larger nib this ink will look more vibrant much richer.
    Give it s try it is a nice pink ink.
    Larry the pen bug guy.🐜✒️👍🏻


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