Krishna Inks Coming to The PenThing

It’s no surprise that there has been a great deal of excitement in the fountain pen marketplace with regard to boutique inks. Small ink companies are breaking the mold and coming up with some great colored inks with incredible shading and sheening! In this respect, I am really excited to announce that The PenThing will be carrying the Krishna line of inks. All Krishna Ink bottles are directly imported from India. Each bottle contains 20 ml of ink handcrafted by Dr. Sreekumar. You will find a great range of colors and inks that sheen, like you won’t believe- so stop in soon to check out the full line of Krishna inks. Pay close attention to Krishna Moonview Blue and Krishna Jungle Volcano ink  for ridiculous sheening capabilities.

One thought on “Krishna Inks Coming to The PenThing

  1. I just tried the Krishna moonview Blue and jungle volcano inks. I loved these tie inks do much I had to ordered a bottle each. I’m using the inks in my Pelican M800 M nib and Delta Hell’s Bell med nib both are nice wet nibs and this ink in these types of nibs looks amazing . I think they will look as good in a steel nib as well. I approve this message. I’m Larry the pen big guy, you can fine my reviews on the YouTube Channel Larrys Fountain Pens and on Facebook book. It always s pleasure ordering from Brian he will do all he can to help you fine what your looking for and do all he can to meet your needs.Its all about customer service and he’s a pen enthusiast and has a passion and love for fountain pens


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