New Analog Tools from Baron Fig

When it’s time to do some planning and thinking there is nothing better than to rough out your ideas with paper and pencil. To help you accomplish this-many Baron Fig aficionados would turn to the Baron Fig Mastermind desktop notebook to sketch out their ideas on a 12 x 8 landscape. Many users really enjoyed having the extra real estate to map out their ideas on the dot grid paper which we have come to love. In the same vein, many Baron Fig users asked for a smaller Mastermind desktop notepad and it is great to see that Baron Fig just released the Mastermind Mini a 6 x 8 dot grid notebook that is 35 sheets and comes in a 2 pack . To help you use your Mastermind Mini, Baron Fig just released their Ruler Set which includes a 6 and 12 inch non-slip aluminum ruler engraved with inches and centimeters. Come into The PenThing to check out these new products and the full line of Baron Fig products which includes the Confidant in some new colors as well as the Baron Squire in a new colors.

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