Story Supply Announces “Ithaca” a New Limited Release Set of Notebooks

Story Supply today announced the release of Ithaca a new limited-edition set of notebooks at the Atlanta Pen Show. Here are the specifications:

• Comes in Pocket Staple 3 packs (3.5 x 5.5) and Prime Staple 2 packs (5.25 x 8)

• Pocket Staple = 48 Dot Grid Pages, Prime Staple = 64 Dot Grid Pages

• Blue Ink on Blue Linen Paper Cover Stock that mimics the many layers of Homer’s Odyssey. (Blue is also significant because the word for blue never appears in Homer’s original greek work. The sea is described as wine colored. The sky is often bronze or rose, never blue.)

• Inside cover that references scenes and imagery from the epic poem

• Orange Staples

• Smooth 70# Natural Text Stock  (same as our other notebook offerings)

• Odysseus’ journey is long, but this print run is short. We are running 300 packs of the pocket-sized 3 packs and 200 packs of the A5ish 2 packs.

A limited number of these notebooks will be available from The PenThing starting the end of next week.

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