Worther Shorty Clutch Pencil, Coming Soon to The PenThing

As much as I enjoy using fountain pens, there are times when I reach for a pencil to do some sketching or writing. In my quest to find a fun and colorful clutch pencil to add to my product line, I came a cross the Worther Shorty Clutch Pencil which has a hexagonal shape and comes in a great array of colors to choose from. Having just bought a Faber Castell Ondoro in Orange, the Worther Shorty really complimented my pen, and I have added it to my everyday carry (EDC).

The Worther Shorty comes in a great array of colors to choose from: red, orange, green, black, black-grey clip, blue, green, grey, purple, red-black clip, white-black clip and yellow.  The Worther Shorty Clutch Pencil  is $12.95 and comes pre-loaded with 3.15/7B graphite refill along with 2 more lead refills in the box.  This Worther Shorty Clutch Pencil is fun to use and looks great on your desk or as part of your everyday carry, pocket pencil. Come in and give it a try!


Worther Shorty Clutch Pencil

Worther Shorty Clutch Pencil & Shipping & Handling CONUS Please let me know the color that you would like to order when you make your purchase


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