Filofax Notebooks Now Available at The PenThing

While I was attending the 2018 National Stationery Show, looking for new products, I came across some unique notebooks from Filofax that caught my eye. The first notebook that caught my eye was the Saffiano Metallic A5 Notebooks with their beautifully designed metallic covers. Once I opened up the notebook there, I was taken by the paper quality and the ability to remove and re-insert the page anywhere In the notebook that I wanted to place it. The notebook comes with lined pages and separators that let you customize the notebook. You can also purchase Dot Grid, Plain, and Graph Paper refills to flesh out your note taking system.

If your needs require a smaller notebook then you can take a look at the Filofax Classic Pastels Pocket Notebook, which has the same features of the Saffiano Metallic A5. The paper works well with a variety of different pen types and I found it worked well with fountain pens-thought you may get a little bleed through with broader or wetter nibs.

So come into The PenThing and check out the new Filofax Notebooks, I’m sure you will like them!

Saffiano Metallic A5 Notebooks
Saffiano Metallic A5 Notebooks

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