Concierge Service Now Available for the Holidays!

Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s the perfect time to look for that special gift. But with so many demands on your time- wouldn’t it be great if you had a concierge who could help you out, and deliver that special pen, notebook, and ink to your friends
or loved ones. With this in mind, The PenThing, will be providing a concierge service this holiday season and help you to get that special person that very extraordinary gift that they will remember for a lifetime! Just email me or give me a call with your budget, and I will come up with that special pen, notebook and ink combination. If you are in the Morris County Area, I would be glad to come to your home or office to help and show you a wide range of pens to select from. So email me or give me a call to get the holiday season gift buying started.

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Sign up the Concierge Service by Click here

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