The PenThing is Opening in a New Location this Saturday!

I am really excited to announce that The PenThing will be opening up a new location at the Shoppes of Lafayette,  and will be housed inside Pen & Ink Stationery, which is a perfect match. The Grand Opening will be on March 30, 2019, at 1:00 pm. Help make this a great event by stopping by and saying hello and taking a look at all of the new and exciting products!  Pen & Ink will be a perfect match for The PenThing ! Here is a brief synopsis about Pen & Ink Stationery their web site:

Pen & Ink is not your typical stationery shop. We have a great selection of unique stationery items from brands like Rifle Paper Company, June & December, Ladyfinger Press, Antiquaria, Shannon Martin, Quotables and many more. Looking for a unique gift  – come and see our hand-picked selection from brands like Sass N’ Crass, Joy of Light, Easton Candle Company, Yellow Owl Workshop, Shannon Martin, and Quotables.

So stop by this Saturday at 1:00 pm and check out all of the great products and service from The PenThing & Pen and Ink Stationery.

Shoppes at Lafayette-Pen & Ink 75 NJ-15
Lafayette Township, NJ 07848
Shoppes at Lafayette-Pen & Ink 75 NJ-15
Lafayette Township, NJ 07848






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