Preorder your Diplomat Aero Today!

Of all the pens I own, the Diplomat Aero has a very unique design reminiscent of a dirigible (blimp). The Diplomat Aero is made of aluminum and comes in a host a great colors. The Diplomat Aero is available in the following colors: Red, Black, Orange, Blue, Aero Factory, & Brown. The pen is very comfortable to use and can be posted and comes with a Diplomat converter and two cartridges. The aerodynamic look of the pen is very special and visually very appealing. You can purchase the Diplomat Aero with an Extra Fien, Fine, Medium , or Broad Steel nib or if you like with a 14k Gold nib. If you have any questions or would like to see the aero in my shop please let me know.

Diplomats Aero Matt Silver

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