Starter Fountain Pens for Graduates

With graduation right around the corner, many of my customers have approached me asking, “what is good fountain pen to start a graduate off with?”  While there is no simple answer to this question, I will share some of my recommendations with you. One of my favorite all around starter fountain pens is the LAMY Safari, at around $37 dollars this pen fits the bill in a couple of different ways. The LAMY Safari comes in a variety of great colors as well as in a variety of nib sizes from Extra Fine through Broad. The LAMY Safari can be used with cartridges or with a converter for those that want to use bottled ink.  Additional, nibs can be purchased and are interchangeable and can be easy swapped changing the writing experience. The LAMY Safari is a quality product that

LAMY Safari Pastel Lineup
LAMY Safari Pastel Lineup

will provide you a very pleasant writing experience.

With a different size format, KAWECO Sports are some of my favorite pocket fountain pens. Although quite small when capped, once the pen is posted the pen is now very comfortable when writing. The KAWECO Sports come in a variety of great colors and a wide range of nib sizes. The KAWECO Sports are fun to use and the colors provide for a very fun and personal experience. The KAWECO Sports can be used with cartridges or with a KAWECO Sport converter. The KAWECO Sports run from $24- $27 dollars and come in a great range of colors as seen with the newly released KAWECO Frosted Sports.

KAWECO Frosted Sports
KAWECO Frosted Sports


To round out this mix of starter fountain pens, you owe yourself to take a look at Faber-Castell Essentio, an aluminum-bodied pen that comes in a nice range of colors and comes in at around $48 dollars. The Faber-Castell provides for an outstanding writing experience with their wonderful tuned steel nibs. The Faber-Castell Essentio will not disappoint you and can be used with cartridges or with a converter.



Faber-Castell Essentio
Faber-Castell Essentio

So stop into The PenThing and take a look at these great starter fountain pens- which are perfect for graduates!

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