Faber Castell Ink Cartridges- A Great Way to Test Out New Inks!


I recently had a chance to meet up with Ana – also know as @inkantadora on Instagram in Paris a couple of weeks ago and had the opportunity to talk inks. It was interesting talking with her as she spoke about people in the fountain pen community who were “ink collectors.”  From her perspective, many fountain pen lovers are just as enamored by inks as they are about fountain pens. So the question is, “if I am an ink collector how do I get the chance to try out new inks”?  For one, manufacturers such as Faber-Castell make available all of their inks in convenient cartridges at an affordable price, making it easy to try out their inks. Faber-Castell offers up a solid line of their indelible inks in a wide array of colors and priced just right at $5.00 per box of 6 cartridges. An ink is called indelible if it is smudge-resistant, reproducible, light-fast and waterproof, cannot be erased and is resistant to many chemicals and solvents. The Faber-Castell cartridges are standard International short cartridges that will work with a number of different fountain pens.

You can choose from the following colors: Carbon Black, Cobalt Blue, Hazelnut Brown, Stone Grey, Moss Green, Garnet Red, Violet Blue, Midnight Blue, Deep Sea Green, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Burned Orange, Electric Pink, Olive Green, Cognac Brown, Viper Green, Gulf Blue, and India Red.

Faber-Castell Ink Colors
Faber-Castell Ink Colors

The PenThing has the complete collection of Faber-Castell cartridges which is a great way to test out various ink colors. Once you are settled on a color you can always choose to purchase a 75ml bottle of Faber-Castell ink that comes in a beautiful glass bottle.



Faber-Castell Ink Cartridges

Faber-Castell Ink Cartridges & Shipping. Please note which colors you would like at the time of purchase.


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