Mystery Boxes for the Holidays

Now is the perfect time to stock up for the holidays! The PenThing is excited to offer for a limited time Mystery Boxes which will include pens, paper, pencils, ink, ephemera and notebooks Mystery Boxwith a dollar value of at least $100 USD for a price of $58 dollars which includes shipping and handling. In the Mystery Boxes, you find name brand fountain pens and or rollerballs along with name brand ink. You may also find stationery ephemera or have the opportunity to try out a new type of notebook or paper. In any case, all of the products are new and are name brand items.  So this is the perfect time to pick up a Mystery Box from the PenThing- who knows what you will get!


Mystery Box

Mystery Box?

Receive a Mystery Box from The PenThing with brand name fountain pens, rollerballs, ink, notebooks, ephemera with at least an MSRP Value of $100 USD Shipping is included in CONTUS Only




4 thoughts on “Mystery Boxes for the Holidays

  1. Hello! I watched Chris Saenz review in youtube of your Ink Swatch Plot Log notebook which is nice you now have it in a bigger size too. Before I place my order I saw your Mystery Box. Is it customizable? For example I am interested only in Fountain pens not rollerballs or pencils.
    Thank you


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