Jacques Herbin 1798 Cornaline d’Egypte Ink

J Herbin Cornaline d’Egypte- Bottled Ink

1 Bottle of J Herbin Cornaline d'Egypte ink and Shipping & Handling


Jacques Herbin 1798 Cornaline d’Egypte is a beautiful orange brown ink with a shimmer. It is definitely an ink that you will want to add to your ink collection. In broader Nib pens you will get astonishing color saturation and shimmer. Pick up a bottle today at The PenThing

Baron Fig Releases Elements

Baron Fig in collaboration with Caroline Weaver from CW Pencils in NYC, has released the The Limited Edition Elements Pencils. These beautifully crafted pencils are the perfect addition to your writing and creativity tools. Pick up the Elements pencils next week at The PenThing along with the Accessory Kit.

Filofax Notebooks Now Available at The PenThing

While I was attending the 2018 National Stationery Show, looking for new products, I came across some unique notebooks from Filofax that caught my eye. The first notebook that caught my eye was the Saffiano Metallic A5 Notebooks with their beautifully designed metallic covers. Once I opened up the notebook there, I was taken by the paper quality and the ability to remove and re-insert the page anywhere In the notebook that I wanted to place it. The notebook comes with lined pages and separators that let you customize the notebook. You can also purchase Dot Grid, Plain, and Graph Paper refills to flesh out your note taking system.

If your needs require a smaller notebook then you can take a look at the Filofax Classic Pastels Pocket Notebook, which has the same features of the Saffiano Metallic A5. The paper works well with a variety of different pen types and I found it worked well with fountain pens-thought you may get a little bleed through with broader or wetter nibs.

So come into The PenThing and check out the new Filofax Notebooks, I’m sure you will like them!

Saffiano Metallic A5 Notebooks
Saffiano Metallic A5 Notebooks

News from The PenThing

It has been a busy spring at The PenThing bringing in a whole bunch of new and exciting pens, stationery and ink into the shop. I have been holding off on sharing the news, that The PenThing will be moving to Chester Country Furnishings at 60 Main Street in Chester New Jersey, just a couple stores from where I had been. Moving int Chester Country Furnishings will give me some more space to display pens, stationery and ink. Chester Country Furnishings  is a much larger store and is two levels – giving me more room to spread out and is conducive to meet ups! The PenThing will be up and running the end of next week at the Chester Country Furnishings- so come in and say hello!

Now on to the new products you all use and enjoy! One of my favorite roller ball pens is the Baron Fig Squire and it just got a whole lot better with the Mysterium – a beautifully anodized orange Squire. You have to see it to believe it. Now you can use

Baron Fig Mysterium
Baron Fig Mysterium

your Mysterium  with the limited edition Baron Fig Atomic, which is the perfect pocket notebook! If you are looking for something a little bigger, then take a look at the Baron Fig Computerworld a Limited Edition Vanguard. These limited edition notebooks celebrates connectivity and imagination within the different realms of technology. You have to see them to indulge your senses in this beautiful edition.

With Father’s Day approaching you will find some great fountain pens from LAMY, KAWECO, and Faber – Castell at The PenThing. The PenThing has a great selection of Lamy Safari’s and Lamy AL’s which all write beautifully. img_3181


If you are looking for the ultimate pocket pen then you have to take a look at the Kaweco Sport or Kaweco AL Sport. The PenThing has a nice selection of colors and range of nib sizes. While you are there pick up some great ink cartridges manufactured by Kaweco inkawecoalred

a wide range of colors. If you are looking for pen with a beautiful metal feel then turn your attention to the line of Faber-Castell which has a wonderful range of fountain pens which have their unique aesthetic.


So stop in to The PenThing and check out the latest products! Hope to see you there!

There is a “buzz” in the Air

Last week I had a chance to attend the National Stationery Show at the Javits Center in New York City and met with the wonderful folks at Retro 51 who were displaying all of their new designs. The pen that got my attention is called the “Buzz,” which highlights the importance of the honeybee in our ecosystem. The design is just beautiful and part of the proceeds from the sale of the “Buzz” go to the NW Honeybee Habitat Restoration. The “Buzz” is an acid-etched honeycomb texture with painted bees and antique silver trim. Pre-order the he Buzz now!

Retro 51 Buzz Rollerball

1-Retro 51 Buzz Rollerball and S/H



Who Doesn’t Like an Orange Pen?

It is interesting to watch the trends in the pen and stationery field and as of late the color that is getting lots of attention is Orange. I for one am really enjoying my Faber Castell Ondoro in Orange and the color makes me feel good when I’m writing with it-especially when it is paired with a nice orange ink, like Diamine Pumpkin. So with this as a backdrop it was exciting to learn that Baron Fig has just released the Mysterium a Limited Edition Aluminum Squire in Orange. The Mysterium  has the great look and feel of previous Squire’s and writes like there is no tomorrow. You can pick up a Mysterium  at The PenThing, or better yet contact me so that I can put one aside for you- they will go fast!

Baron Fig Mysterium
Baron Fig Mysterium

Worther Shorty Clutch Pencil, Coming Soon to The PenThing

As much as I enjoy using fountain pens, there are times when I reach for a pencil to do some sketching or writing. In my quest to find a fun and colorful clutch pencil to add to my product line, I came a cross the Worther Shorty Clutch Pencil which has a hexagonal shape and comes in a great array of colors to choose from. Having just bought a Faber Castell Ondoro in Orange, the Worther Shorty really complimented my pen, and I have added it to my everyday carry (EDC).

The Worther Shorty comes in a great array of colors to choose from: red, orange, green, black, black-grey clip, blue, green, grey, purple, red-black clip, white-black clip and yellow.  The Worther Shorty Clutch Pencil  is $12.95 and comes pre-loaded with 3.15/7B graphite refill along with 2 more lead refills in the box.  This Worther Shorty Clutch Pencil is fun to use and looks great on your desk or as part of your everyday carry, pocket pencil. Come in and give it a try!


Worther Shorty Clutch Pencil

Worther Shorty Clutch Pencil & Shipping & Handling CONUS Please let me know the color that you would like to order when you make your purchase


Faber-Castell Finds a New Home at The PenThing

The PenThing is excited to announce that it has brought the Faber-Castell line of fountain and roller ball pens into the shop. Faber-Castell has been making pens since 1761 and brings a unique design and aesthetic to the pen world. The Faber-Castell has a great lineup of pens at every price point, from the Essentio, LOOM, Ondoro, Ambition, and eMotion line. You will find the Faber-Castell fountain pens to be great writers with incredible steel nibs that are smooth as silk. With great design and a great writing experience these make for a truly wonderful purchase with fantastic value. Come into The PenThing to check out the Faber-Castell line-up.