SHOW & TELL from Baron Fig in The PenThing

Baron Fig in collaboration with Dribbble just released the latest notebook, SHOW & TELL which provides visual thinkers with a unique page layout to help users craft their ideas on the top half of the blank page and write their ideas on the bottom of the paged which is ruled lined. The Show & Tell opens flat and uses the the great paper we have come to love from the Confidant-now with 192 pages. The last 12 pages are perforated so you don’t have to ruin the binding to remove a sheet. This is one of the most unique designs and know once you see it you will want it as part of your every day carry! Come into The PenThing to check it out!

Great Starter Fountain Pen-Faber Castell LOOM


If you are looking for a great writing fountain pen then take a look at the Faber Castell LOOM which is priced just right. The Faber Castell LOOM has its own aesthetic and feels great your hand. The nibs are extremely smooth and provide for a great writing experience. The LOOM comes in several different models from a Matte Gunmetal Finish to a Shiny Gunmetal Finish. You can use the Faber Castell LOOM with a converter or cartridge making it easy to use. So come into The PenThing to feel the pen in your hand and try it out!


Faber Castell LOOM- Gunmetal Shiny Medium Nib

Faber Castell LOOM- Gunmetal Shiny Includes Shipping & Handling in CONTUS


Faber Castell LOOM FINE Nib

Faber Castell LOOM- Gunmetal Matte includes Shipping & Handling in CONTUS


Story Supply Announces “Ithaca” a New Limited Release Set of Notebooks

Story Supply today announced the release of Ithaca a new limited-edition set of notebooks at the Atlanta Pen Show. Here are the specifications:

• Comes in Pocket Staple 3 packs (3.5 x 5.5) and Prime Staple 2 packs (5.25 x 8)

• Pocket Staple = 48 Dot Grid Pages, Prime Staple = 64 Dot Grid Pages

• Blue Ink on Blue Linen Paper Cover Stock that mimics the many layers of Homer’s Odyssey. (Blue is also significant because the word for blue never appears in Homer’s original greek work. The sea is described as wine colored. The sky is often bronze or rose, never blue.)

• Inside cover that references scenes and imagery from the epic poem

• Orange Staples

• Smooth 70# Natural Text Stock  (same as our other notebook offerings)

• Odysseus’ journey is long, but this print run is short. We are running 300 packs of the pocket-sized 3 packs and 200 packs of the A5ish 2 packs.

A limited number of these notebooks will be available from The PenThing starting the end of next week.

A Reflection on the Palomino Blackwing Pencils

The Blackwing 602 has a long history dating back to the 1930’s when it was first introduced by Eberhard Faber. The Blackwing 602 quickly became a favorite pencil of such luminaries as John Steinbeck, Stephen Sondheim, Leonard Bernstein and Chuck Jones. Each in their own right appreciated the premium quality of this fine writing instrument in their respective field of endeavor. In 1998, after several corporate acquisitions, the Black wing 602 stopped production but unused pencils could be found on eBay for as much as $40 for a single Blackwing pencil. Artists and writers of the Palomino pencils noted a similarity to the Blackwing 602 and began to request that the company revive the classic Blackwing 602 with the rectangular eraser. In 2010, Palomino re-introduced the Blackwing pencil featuring California genuine incense-cedar and premium Japanese graphite. Once you put this premium Blackwing pencil to paper you sense its beauty as it lays down a smooth line of graphite. As you write down your Ideas, sketch, or doddle on the page you will share in the embodiment of this wonderful pencil-and a long history of excellence.

Come into The Penthing and take a look at the Palomino Blackwing pencil collection. The PenThing also carries the Blackwing Pencil Point Guards and the Blackwing Long Point Pencil Sharpener. Now you can carry you Blackwing in vintage a Twist Bullet Pencil for your everyday carry, which is also available. So stop in and say hello and celebrate the Palomino Blackwing in style. Hope to see you! Brian

Twist Bullet Pencil-Now Available

The beautifully designed and machined Twist Bullet Pencil is now available from The PenThing. Transport your Blackwing 602 pencil in this beautifully protected case. As an option you, can purchase a clip. Come in and check out the various models of the Twist Bullet Pencil. Sketch you idea or write your story with the Blackwing 602 encased in the Twist Bullet Pencil. Makes for a very unique gift for that special person in your life. Contact me for more information.




Twist Bullet Pencil

Twist Bullet Pencil- available in Black, Aluminum, Purple & Black includes Shipping & Handling


Red Kaweco AL Sport Limited Edition coming to The PenThing

One of the most highly coveted Kaweco Sports is coming to the United States and is the Limited Edition Kaweco AL Sport in Red which will be available from The PenThing next week. This is a beautifully designed fountain pen that is perfect to carry as part of your everyday carry (EDC). Match the Limited Edition Kaweco AL Sport with Kaweco Ruby Red ink for a perfect combination. Come in and check out this beautiful fountain pen at Imaginations an International Boutique in Chester, NJ.


Red Kaweco AL Limited Edition Red Sport

Red Kaweco AL Sport Limited Edition & includes Shipping & Handling in United States-please let me know nib size Extra Fine, Fine, and Medium.


The Faber Castell OpArt Flamingo fountain pen brings in the Spring

Bring the spring in right, with the Faber Castell Ambition OpArt Flamingo Fountain Pen. The clean lines and selected materials of these slim writing implements make an excellent impression. They are distinguished by clear-cut visual design combined with professional functionalism. Barrel made of precious resin featuring a fine guilloche pattern geometric lines and colors for a three dimensional effect
spring- loaded metal clip, chromed and polished high-quality stainless steel nib in width F (fine) equipped with cartridge/ converter system converter separately available White gift box with printed slip case.

Come in and check out this beautiful pen you’ll be glad that you did! Available from The PenThing Imaginations an International Boutique in Chester NJfaber-castell-ambition-opart-flamingo-fountain-pen

The Field Notes “Coastal” Edition is Now Available from The PenThing

If you are looking for a truly unique and beautiful Field Notes edition then you will have to come in a take a look at the recent release of The Coastal Edition. Each Coastal 3-Pack displays an American coastline mapped across three memo books in two bright holographic foils, stamped and debossed into Neenah Classic Crest “Cadet Gray” 100# cover stock. “Coastal: East” reveals the Atlantic coast from Maine to Florida. “Coastal: West” features the Pacific coast from Puget Sound to the Mexican border. Come into the PenThing to check them out Imaginations an International Boutique in Chester, NJ. Write your own story or take down your ideas and notes wherever you are with these handy notebooks!

Field Notes Coastal Edition

3 pack of Field Notes Coastal Edition includes Shipping & Handling