Retro 51 Tornado Popper Rollerball Pen – The Shield (Limited Edition)​

Police officers have the toughest job and we really need more than just one week to show our appreciation! The latest Tornado Popper is dedicated to the blue, to the men and women who serve and protect us. This rollerball’s central feature is an acid-etch police badge in a stonewashed pewter finish with police cruiser inspired graphics printed around the barrel. It’s complete with stealth black accents, engraved limited edition number and top ring with shield print. Whether you are an officer, retired officer or the loving family behind them, The Shield is dedicated to you.

Proceeds of each sale will be donated to Assist the Officer Foundation – Dallas, Texas Chapter to help provide assistance to officers and their families facing any number of life-altering situations incurred as a result of the officer’s service. For more information on ATO visit

Starter Fountain Pens for Graduates

With graduation right around the corner, many of my customers have approached me asking, “what is good fountain pen to start a graduate off with?”  While there is no simple answer to this question, I will share some of my recommendations with you. One of my favorite all around starter fountain pens is the LAMY Safari, at around $37 dollars this pen fits the bill in a couple of different ways. The LAMY Safari comes in a variety of great colors as well as in a variety of nib sizes from Extra Fine through Broad. The LAMY Safari can be used with cartridges or with a converter for those that want to use bottled ink.  Additional, nibs can be purchased and are interchangeable and can be easy swapped changing the writing experience. The LAMY Safari is a quality product that

LAMY Safari Pastel Lineup
LAMY Safari Pastel Lineup

will provide you a very pleasant writing experience.

With a different size format, KAWECO Sports are some of my favorite pocket fountain pens. Although quite small when capped, once the pen is posted the pen is now very comfortable when writing. The KAWECO Sports come in a variety of great colors and a wide range of nib sizes. The KAWECO Sports are fun to use and the colors provide for a very fun and personal experience. The KAWECO Sports can be used with cartridges or with a KAWECO Sport converter. The KAWECO Sports run from $24- $27 dollars and come in a great range of colors as seen with the newly released KAWECO Frosted Sports.

KAWECO Frosted Sports
KAWECO Frosted Sports


To round out this mix of starter fountain pens, you owe yourself to take a look at Faber-Castell Essentio, an aluminum-bodied pen that comes in a nice range of colors and comes in at around $48 dollars. The Faber-Castell provides for an outstanding writing experience with their wonderful tuned steel nibs. The Faber-Castell Essentio will not disappoint you and can be used with cartridges or with a converter.



Faber-Castell Essentio
Faber-Castell Essentio

So stop into The PenThing and take a look at these great starter fountain pens- which are perfect for graduates!

Graf von Faber Castell Tamitio Black Edition Fountain Pen-Pre-order Now!

Check out the Graf von Faber Castell Tamitio Black Edition Fountain Pen which will be available at the end of the month. The fountain pen nib has a

Graf von Faber Castell Tamitio Black Edition Fountain Pen
Graf von Faber Castell Tamitio Black Edition Fountain Pen

black PVD titanium coating. The fountain pen is available with an EF, F, M, or B nib. You can preorder it now from The PenThing and be the first to get it when it arrives. Also available in a rollerball, fine writer, ballpoint and mechanical pencil. Contact me for more information.

LAMY Safari Pastels are In

The waiting is over! The LAMY Safari’s in the beautiful pastel colors are in. Pick them up now, they are a limited edition and will not last long. If you are a collector, you will definitely want to have this in your collection. You can choose from Blue Macaron, Mint Glaze, and Rose Powder. Which color is your favorite?


So stop in and check them out!

LAMY Crystal Azurite Ink

It has been really exciting to see LAMY roll out so many different colored inks in their Crystal lineup. One of the LAMY inks that I recently tested is Azurite. All of the LAMY Crytal inks have been named for naturally occurring crystals, that can be found in nature. Azurite is a soft stone, named for its deep “azure blue” color and in this regard, the new LAMY Crystal Azurite ink is a luxurious looking purplish blue ink with great saturation and flow. I have been using it in a Diplomat Aero with a Broad nib and the color and flow is really fantastic! If you are looking for a rich purplish-blue ink, then stop into The PenThing and pick up a bottle while they last!


The PenThing has been waiting patiently to get their shipment of the Blackwing Volume 811 which should be here this week. The Blackwing Volume 811 is a tribute to libraries and the hope they represent. Some of my fondest intellectual pursuits were the times I would be doing research in the New York Public Library under the soft desk lamps on the tables. This pencil is a throwback to that time and period – reminiscent of the green glass used for the lamp.  Each pencil is coated with a special phosphorescent topcoat, so it can be a literal light in the dark. The model number 811 is a reference to the American poetry section of the Dewey Decimal System that contains the works of countless inspirational writers. Check out the Blackwing Volume 811 which is a Limited Edition pencil and is available online from The PenThing!


Blackwing Volume 811 (12 Pencil Set) and Shipping & Handling in CONTUS

Blackwing Volume 811 (12 Pencil Set) and Shipping & Handling in CONTUS



Preorder your Diplomat Aero Today!

Of all the pens I own, the Diplomat Aero has a very unique design reminiscent of a dirigible (blimp). The Diplomat Aero is made of aluminum and comes in a host a great colors. The Diplomat Aero is available in the following colors: Red, Black, Orange, Blue, Aero Factory, & Brown. The pen is very comfortable to use and can be posted and comes with a Diplomat converter and two cartridges. The aerodynamic look of the pen is very special and visually very appealing. You can purchase the Diplomat Aero with an Extra Fien, Fine, Medium , or Broad Steel nib or if you like with a 14k Gold nib. If you have any questions or would like to see the aero in my shop please let me know.

Diplomats Aero Matt Silver

The Platinum Plaisir is Coming!

People often ask me when they are just starting to use fountain pens, “what is a good starter pen?”  For those just starting out, many of my clients are looking for an economical pen that they could use at home, school or at the office. In this regards, the Platinum Plaisir foots the bill. It is priced at around $25 dollars and comes in in a nice Ice White or in a Stealth Matte Black finish. The Plasir offers one of the best writing experiences and comes in a Fine or Medium nib. The Platinum Plaisir has a Slip and Seal cap feature which will allow you to put the pen down for months and when you pick it up you are ready to write. The Platinum Plaisir can be used with Platinum cartridges or a converter. Come into The PenThing to check out the Platinum Plaisir- you will be glad you did! Makes a great gift for that graduate in your family!