Support The PenThing and Keep Your Pens Safe and Secure

If you are like me and cherish your pens then you are going to want to find some pen sleeves or a pen roll to keep your pens safe and reduce the chances of damage like scratches and dents. Having been a big fan of Rickshaw Bags, I reached out to Mark and asked him if he could create some sleeves and a pen roll for The PenThing and he quickly came back and said “Yes.”  So now I am carrying top of the line Rickshaw Bags pen sleees in both Medium (5.5″ x 0.6″) and Small 5.0″ x 0.5″) sizes to accommodate for your larger (ie. Lamy Safari, Faber-Castell Ondoro) and smaller pens (ie. Kaweco Sport). The sleeves are made of tough exterior and your pens will be stored in a plush lined material keeping them safe and in a pristine condition.

If you like to carry more then one pen at a time in your backpack or case then take a look at the Rickshaw 4 Pen Roll. The pen roll is made of tough exterior material and houses 4 slots which are lined with a soft plush material to ensure safe travels for your pens! The pen roll has a great enclosure to tightly keep you pens enclosed! Come into The PenThing and check out the pen sleeves and pen rolls!


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The PenThing 4 Pen Roll

The PenThing 4 Pen Roll made by Rickshaw Bags & Shipping & Handling in CONTUS with Insurance & Tracking


The PenThing Pen Sleeve

The PenThing Pen Sleeve made by Rickshaw Bags - Price includes Shipping & Handling in CONTUS Please let me know if you want Large or Medium Sleeve