Scribes’ Waterproof Ink is Now Available

When I recently looked at my ink collection it became clear that what I was lacking were waterproof inks. Having recently participated in InCoWriMo, I was always a little concerned when I had to address the envelope with my standard ink, that if it got wet the address could not be read properly and the letter would not be delivered. With this in mind I began to search the web for waterproof inks and came across a small company in California which was producing a wide range of waterproof inks with a great color range. I had a chance to test out the Scribes’ ink and it lives up to its expectations of being truly waterproof. In fact, I was able to write on both Rhodia Dot  and Tomoe River paper with the Scribes’ waterproof ink and placed it under running water with very minimal loss of ink. The ink withstood the water bath and when the paper dried it looked really good. So if you are looking for some high quality waterproof ink in a great range of colors, come in and pick up a 45 ml bottle of Scribes’ Waterproof Ink.

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