Three Exclusive Kaweco Sports Launch in USA

The PenThing is pleased to announce 3 new colors exclusive to the U.S. This is the last of the special colors worldwide, that are not co-branded. This is very exciting that we can offer the last of the non co-branded colors. These are available in fountain pens, in all five nib sizes. The packaging includes a silver tin with a special sleeve. These are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. Retail price is $32

Email for pricing and Shipping

Curidas- the Retractable Fountain Pen from Platinum is Released

If you have ever wanted to be able to use a fountain pen with a retractable nib and were looking for an economical way to do that then look no further! Platinum has released the Curidas a new line of retractable fountain pens in five great acrylic colors with steel nibs. You will have a choice of choosing from an Extra Fine, Fine and Medium nib and the pocket clip is removable. At a street price of $80 dollars these are going to go fast. Platinum has spent a lot of time perfecting the mechanism and has been able to design the pen to ensure that the ink will not evaporate and will it will write every time! If you are interested in pre-ordering the pen please email me.

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To Preorder click on this Curidas Pre-order Form

Mystery Boxes for the Holidays

Now is the perfect time to stock up for the holidays! The PenThing is excited to offer for a limited time Mystery Boxes which will include pens, paper, pencils, ink, ephemera and notebooks Mystery Boxwith a dollar value of at least $100 USD for a price of $58 dollars which includes shipping and handling. In the Mystery Boxes, you find name brand fountain pens and or rollerballs along with name brand ink. You may also find stationery ephemera or have the opportunity to try out a new type of notebook or paper. In any case, all of the products are new and are name brand items.  So this is the perfect time to pick up a Mystery Box from the PenThing- who knows what you will get!


Mystery Box

Mystery Box?

Receive a Mystery Box from The PenThing with brand name fountain pens, rollerballs, ink, notebooks, ephemera with at least an MSRP Value of $100 USD Shipping is included in CONTUS Only




The PenThing release The Ink Swatch Plot Log- Now Available in Two Different Sizes

For the longest time, I was disappointed in how I was swatching and recording the characteristics of the ink that I was using. In my efforts to find something that met my needs I decided to create one that I would find useful and I thought that other fountain pen users would find useful. In the last couple of months, I worked on creating the Ink Swatch Plot Log that lets you plot the

characteristics of the inks that you are using. The Ink Swatch Plot Log is made from 120 gsm HP Premium White paper which gives you a realistic look at your ink. The Ink Swatch Plot Log let’s use watch 48 inks along with all of its characteristics. You will now find an Index to enter your inks on the first page and all of the pages in the notebook are numbered

Following up on the success of the Ink Plot Swatch Notebook, The PenThing has released a Traveler’s Edition, that can fit perfectly in your Traveler’s Size Portfolio.  With the larger format, I was able to add a couple of new features and give you room to record more information.


I think you’ll find this really helpful and is on sale now for $12 (Field Notes Size) and $15 (Travelers Size) on the website. Let me know what you think? Happy swatching🖋

The PenThing Ink Swatch Plot Log (5 1/2 x 3 1/2)

The PenThing Ink Swatch Plot Log – 48 pages using 120 gsm HP Premium Paper. Price includes shipping and handling in CONUS & Canada




The PenThing Ink Swatch Plot Log Notebook (Travelers Size- (8 x 4 1/2)

The PenThing Ink Swatch Plot Log – 48 pages (8 x 4 1/2) using 120 gsm HP Premium Paper. Price includes shipping and handling in CONUS & Canada


Nebula Notebooks from Colorverse are In

If you want to jump onto the Tomoe River Paper bandwagon look no further and pick up an economical Nebula Notebook from Colorverse which include 100 pages of blank, white or cream-colored 52 gsm Tomoe River Paper and are a dream to use. They come with a guide to go under the paper which has lines and dot grid as well as stickers in typical Coloverse fashion! I have tested the paper out and colors just pop on it! So come into The PenThing or order them below. The Nebula Notebooks are $15.00 dollars. Get them while they are still in stock they will go fast!


Nebula Notebook White Blank Pages- TOMOE River Paper 52gsm

Nebula Notebook 100 pages of White Blank TOMOE River Paper-52 gsm & Shipping in CONUS



Nebula Notebook 100 pages of Cream Blank TOMOE River Paper-52 gsm

Nebula Notebook 100 pages of White Blank TOMOE River Paper-52 gsm & Shipping in CONUS


Faber Castell Ink Cartridges- A Great Way to Test Out New Inks!


I recently had a chance to meet up with Ana – also know as @inkantadora on Instagram in Paris a couple of weeks ago and had the opportunity to talk inks. It was interesting talking with her as she spoke about people in the fountain pen community who were “ink collectors.”  From her perspective, many fountain pen lovers are just as enamored by inks as they are about fountain pens. So the question is, “if I am an ink collector how do I get the chance to try out new inks”?  For one, manufacturers such as Faber-Castell make available all of their inks in convenient cartridges at an affordable price, making it easy to try out their inks. Faber-Castell offers up a solid line of their indelible inks in a wide array of colors and priced just right at $5.00 per box of 6 cartridges. An ink is called indelible if it is smudge-resistant, reproducible, light-fast and waterproof, cannot be erased and is resistant to many chemicals and solvents. The Faber-Castell cartridges are standard International short cartridges that will work with a number of different fountain pens.

You can choose from the following colors: Carbon Black, Cobalt Blue, Hazelnut Brown, Stone Grey, Moss Green, Garnet Red, Violet Blue, Midnight Blue, Deep Sea Green, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Burned Orange, Electric Pink, Olive Green, Cognac Brown, Viper Green, Gulf Blue, and India Red.

Faber-Castell Ink Colors
Faber-Castell Ink Colors

The PenThing has the complete collection of Faber-Castell cartridges which is a great way to test out various ink colors. Once you are settled on a color you can always choose to purchase a 75ml bottle of Faber-Castell ink that comes in a beautiful glass bottle.



Faber-Castell Ink Cartridges

Faber-Castell Ink Cartridges & Shipping. Please note which colors you would like at the time of purchase.


Kaweco Nib Sizes

Some of you may know that I am a big fan of Kaweco pens and consider myself a user and a collector. The Kaweco Sports are ideal for everyday use and it is one that I keep close at hand each and every day. I recently took a European Vacation and carried my Kaweco Skyline Sport and a Kaweco AL Sport with me to keep a log of what happened on my trip. The Kaweco Skyline is small and unobtrusive and weighs next to nothing in your pocket. Despite its size, the Kaweco Skyline Sport is robust and has the benefit of being inked with cartridges which are perfect for travel. If you are looking for a somewhat heavier Kaweco, then take a look at the Kaweco AL Sport which comes in a great range of colors and materials. I enjoy my Kaweco AL Sport Blue Stonewashed fountain pen because it has a little more heft and feels great in my hand. The stonewashed effect gives the pen a used look which is great to look at and a wonderful finish. As a collector, I am always on the lookout for a Limited Edition Kaweco and enjoy owning a couple of Kaweco Art Sports which are hand made Kaweco Sports each turned from a solid block of Italian resin. Kaweco Art Sports are beautiful to look at and are a great addition to anyone’s collection. As much as I enjoy the variety of materials that are used for the Kaweco pens, Kaweco does give you a wide range of nibs to choose from when buying a Kaweco fountain pen. Kaweco offers nibs in the following sizes: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, and Double Broad. For calligraphers, Kaweco offers Stub Nibs in the following sizes: 1.1, 1.5, 1.9, 2.3 and Twin Steel.

KAWECO Fountain Pens and Nib Sizes

With a lineup of nibs like this, you can give your existing Kaweco Skylines, AL’s and Sports a whole new life and add some fun to your writing. If you have a Kaweco Sport of Skyline you can purchase a nib unit and remove the nib and seat it back into your pen. For Kaweco AL Sport owner,s you can simply unscrew your existing nib unit and replace it with the new nib unit. These nibs can be individually purchased from The PenThing. If you are looking to experiment with some new nib sizes for your Kaweco fountain pens, let me know. I always have some in stock and will ship! Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Kaweco Supra Brass

While Kaweco is well known for their pocket fountain pens they manufacture a rather large number of other models that offer a great writing experience. One of the less familiar models is the Kaweco Supra Brass. This is a beautifully designed pen made of solid brass which over time will develop a rich patina. The Kaweco Supra Brass is a fairly weighted pen, weighing in at 1.8 ounces at a length of 5.2 inches when extended. The Kaweco Supra Brass is unique in that you can swap out the small brass section to reduce the size of the Kaweco Supra Brass so that it now measures in at 3.6 inches, making it more of a pocket pen.

Kaweco Supra Brass


If you are a fan of the Kaweco Lilliput but have been looking for a girthier pocket pen, then you should definitely look at the Kaweco Supra Brass. One of the really nice feature of the Kaweco Supra Brass is that Kaweco decided to go with a number #6 Steel nib which makes for a really nice writing experience. Over time the Kaweco Supra Brass will patina which will add some nice texture and beauty to your pen. The Kaweco Supra Brass comes in Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, and Extra Broad nib sizes.

If you are interested in looking at the Kaweco Supra Brass, please email me glad to meet you at the shop to demonstrate the pen. If you would like to order the Kaweco Supra Brass I am glad to ship.

Kaweco Supra Brass

Kaweco Supra Brass and Shipping & Handling- At Check out please let me know which nib size you prefer- Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, or Extra Broad


Space Race Apollo from Retro 51

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 mission, and Retro 51 is proud to present the Apollo Fountain Pen in celebration of the brave men and women who made such an achievement possible. This capped fountain pen is printed with graphics of the Saturn V rocket that launched the infamous Apollo 11 flight. It is finished with rose gold accents, limited edition number engraved on the top ring and graphic moon footprint on the top disc. It is limited to a total 1151 fountain pens worldwide and packaged in a commemorative tube. Pick up your Apollo Fountain before they also become history!

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Astronaut Scholarship Fund (ASF). ASF  is a 501(c)3 non-profit that was created in 1984 by astronauts to encourage university students to pursue scientific excellence and ensure the United States would remain the global leader in science and technology for decades to come.

Retro 51 Tornado Popper Rollerball Pen – The Shield (Limited Edition)​

Police officers have the toughest job and we really need more than just one week to show our appreciation! The latest Tornado Popper is dedicated to the blue, to the men and women who serve and protect us. This rollerball’s central feature is an acid-etch police badge in a stonewashed pewter finish with police cruiser inspired graphics printed around the barrel. It’s complete with stealth black accents, engraved limited edition number and top ring with shield print. Whether you are an officer, retired officer or the loving family behind them, The Shield is dedicated to you.

Proceeds of each sale will be donated to Assist the Officer Foundation – Dallas, Texas Chapter to help provide assistance to officers and their families facing any number of life-altering situations incurred as a result of the officer’s service. For more information on ATO visit