The Platinum Plaisir is Coming!

People often ask me when they are just starting to use fountain pens, “what is a good starter pen?”  For those just starting out, many of my clients are looking for an economical pen that they could use at home, school or at the office. In this regards, the Platinum Plaisir foots the bill. It is priced at around $25 dollars and comes in in a nice Ice White or in a Stealth Matte Black finish. The Plasir offers one of the best writing experiences and comes in a Fine or Medium nib. The Platinum Plaisir has a Slip and Seal cap feature which will allow you to put the pen down for months and when you pick it up you are ready to write. The Platinum Plaisir can be used with Platinum cartridges or a converter. Come into The PenThing to check out the Platinum Plaisir- you will be glad you did! Makes a great gift for that graduate in your family!



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